Twitter has realised users aren't on their platform to buy, so when will we?

The dream of using social media as a space for retail has crumbled even further with the news that Twitter has disbanded its commerce team.

Surely when a platform which is currently trying to maximise revenue in any which way it can realises that users don't come to the network to shop, we should start looking at our wider efforts to sell on social?

When those fancy tools, made specifically to enhance the buying experience and encourage e-commerce, don't cut the mustard is spamming a piddly URL to your store front likely to have any impact?

Social media isn't where I go to shop, it's not where anyone that I know goes to shop. Knowing this why do we continue to act like it is? Is it laziness? Is it a desperate attempt to try and attach a monetary value to our social presence? Or do we just really think that someday soon, in spite of all of the evidence, social retail will take off?

We need to come to terms with the fact that just like there is no pot of gold at the end of rainbow, there is nobody sat on social media with their credit card at the ready just waiting to spend.