Brevity is the soul of wit. And Twitter.

Maybe we’re too quick to label every change to a social network as the death-knell for said platform, but the suggestion Twitter is going to up the post character limit by 9,860 left me wondering if they’d lost their fucking marbles.

No platform should ever shit all over its USP in the hope a few more marketers spend a little bit more money with them. People use Twitter because of the conciseness of the content, not in spite of it.

I’m guessing Twitter would like to have you think that this is just their answer to Instant Articles, but Facebook’s product supplements its existing functionality. The user experience is no different.

No matter how it may be packaged, a 10,000 character limit will drastically change the entire way in which Twitter will work. Suddenly there is no need to be concise. Streams of tweets will be replaced by call to action after call to action and the users that bugger off will be replaced by, well, nothing. After all, “Read more” is the antithesis of what Twitter was originally about.