Selling on social is a lie

When was the last time you bought something on social media?

Every couple of weeks I’m moved to ask that question of myself and those around me and the answer is always the same.


The internet has revolutionised a lot of what we do, including why we spend. It’s made people savvier shoppers, so do why do companies still pump out sales messages as if their audience are impulse buying idiots? It takes more than a price tag and product description to kick-start sales in this marketplace.

Treating channels like Facebook as the last aisle before the checkout rather than a shop front is folly. It’s part of the same mentality that has seen good money thrown after bad for a decade plus on barely performing banner adverts.

Instead we need to focus on creating stories, crafting content and giving back. Wrap message in something that adds value to the customer rather than hitting them across the head with the same old ad spiel.

And if you don’t quite get that then, well, you’re knackered.